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Please join us in taking action to improve and reform family court, unite as one voice in the movement to protect children, and support victims of abuse. Every voice, signature, and contribution counts in the movement!


  • Nov 1st thru 18th, 2015:
    In preparation for our Congressional Briefing on November 18, 2015 from 10:00 to 11:30am at Cannon HOB 122, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CONGRESS MEMBER as soon as possible to request their attendance and support. The Healthy Marriage Promotion and Responsible Fatherhood programs get reauthorized every 5 years. We need to let Congress know these programs don't work, are a gross missuse and waste of $150 MILLION a year in taxpayer funds, AND are CAUSING harm to the very children it's supposed to benefit. Click below for more information, including a sample letter template to print and send, along with the Fact Sheet, and/or White Paper. Please take action now!

    • 2015 Healthy Marriage Responsible Fatherhood Program - Fact Sheet
    • 2015 White Paper - Funding for Fatherhood Programs Harms Children
    • 2015 Fatherhood Program Congress Letter Template
    • To find your Congress member enter your zip code at: www.house.gov/htbin.findrep

    • Friday Sept 19, 2014:
      Court Crime Protest: In San Francisco at 11:00 am in front of the Judicial Council Building, 350 McAllister St, San Francisco. Paid parking is at 355 McAllister Street, 94102 (cross street: Polk) or you can take BART to the Civic Center/UN Plaza Bart Station on Market St.

    • Reform Statute Law, SB 924 and 926:
      Please phone CA Governor Jerry Brown at (916) 445-2841 to urge him to sign SB 924 and SB 926 into law. These bills will extend the civil and criminal statute of limitations to age 40. You can find out more about the bills at: www.leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billSearchClient.xhtm

    • October 1 - 2, 2014 Events in Washington DC:
      October 1:
      From 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Mothers of Lost Children March. We will provide white Mothers of Lost Children t shirts. Bring your sunscreen and a hat, and wear white clothing. We will have a speak out, then march around the White House. After a short break we will march to the Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW to demand action on family courts that engage in illegal activity We are asking them to investigate the 286 cases Mary Seguin submitted on January 15, 2014.

      Also Oct 1, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, there will be a presentation on sex trafficking of children at George Washington University Law School, Faculty Conference Center B505, 5th floor, 716 20th St NW, Washington DC. We have invited speaker and author Gypsy Marie Roberts to speak on sex trafficking and we will discuss judicial trafficking in the family court.

      October 2 - We will go to Congress to continue educating members and requesting action on the family court crisis. Please plan to wear your white Mothers of Lost Children t shirts over business attire and meet in front of the Cannon Building on Independence Ave, SE and First Street SE at 9:00 am. The Safe Child Coalition is now part of Mothers of Lost Children.

    • Vice President Biden announced a Summit gathering about civil rights and protection:

      "You cannot have a conversation about human rights and human dignity without talking about the right of every woman on this planet to be free from violence and free from fear." - Vice President Joseph Biden (see www.mothersoflostchildren.org).

      "This past week, I announced that we'll bring together legal experts, scholars and advocates to convene a White House Summit on Civil Rights and Equal Protection for Women because we know bias against victims of rape and sexual assault still exist in our criminal justice system - and we must make clear every victim has a basic civil right to equal protection under the law." This is a good time to remind him that mothers and children are still prevented from protecting their child when seeking refuge. It is human right to be free from violence and fear. Mothers and children are free from neither in the family court.

      You can write to Vice President Joe Biden or call 202-456-1111 or email vicepresident@whitehouse.gov and copy Bea Hansen, Principal Deputy Director, Office of Violence Against Women, 145 N Street NE, Suite 10W.121, Washington DC 20530 and call 202-307-6026 ovw.info@usdoj.gov.

      The Honorable Joseph Biden
      Vice President of the United States
      1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
      Washington DC 20500

      RE: Abused Children of Divorce are court ordered to live with their sexually abusive fathers

      Dear Vice President Biden,

      You have done so much to help women. Please help women in the crisis in family courts. Abused children of divorce are being taken away from their safe mothers and given to their sexually and physically abusive fathers. The situation is getting worse, despite our efforts.

      You said, "You cannot have a conversation about human rights and human dignity without talking about the right of every woman on this planet to be free from violence and free from fear." We do not live in fear. We live in terror. Our children do not live in fear. They live in terror. Many live in ongoing court-ordered rape and sexual assault.

      We have been demonstrating to the White House since 2010 seeking remedies for abused children of divorce. 58,000 of them are placed in the unsupervised contact or full custody of their abusers. Their suffering is horrendous and completely preventable.

      No investigation of these cases has occurred, despite our pleas. The Department of Justice has not investigated the 286 cases submitted in January 2014 by Mary Seguin, who has subsequently disappeared.

      Nothing has helped our children who live in rape camps disguised as their paternal "homes". Please come to their aid. We ask for you to order an investigation into cases in which divorce courts seem to operate like criminal cartels, deliberately placing children at risk.


      cc: Bea Hansen, Principal Deputy Director
      Office of Violence Against Women
      145 N Street NE, Suite 10W.121,
      Washington DC 20530

  • Plea for Child Protection Investigation
    You can also contact the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities to ask them to look into child fatalities where family (divorce) courts fail to protect the children by taking them from safe mothers and giving them to violent and abusive fathers (see eliminatechildabusefatalities.sites.usa.gov/contact-us/ or call (202) 818-9596.

    This commission was created by the federal Protect Our Kids Act of 2012. It appears to focus mostly on CPS cases, but most of the time, CPS fails abused children of divorce by not protecting them so we need to tell them about this special group of abused children of divorce. We need to let them know about fatalities and near fatalities caused by terrible family court decisions.

SEE BELOW for additional steps YOU can take!

Join us for our next Washington DC or Sacramento rally protest!

On May 7, 2012 during a 3-day protest rally in Washington DC, we held our 'Seneca Falls' meeting to strategize how to end the barbarism of batterers and child molesters getting custody when mothers seek safety. The topic of our meeting: Turning Family Court Right Side Up: From a Haven for Abusers to a Sanctuary for Children. Each panel speaker provided three top solutions to the problem. We compiled and voted on the most helpful solutions.

Our co-sponsors included the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV); National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT); National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS); Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC); Justice For Children (JFC); Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project (DV LEAP); National Organization for Women - Albany (N.O.W.-Albany, NY); Center for Judicial Excellence Albany (CJE); Witness Justice (Witness Justie); California Protective Parents Association (CPPA); Mothers of Lost Children (MOLC); Courageous Kids Network (CKN); and Incest Survivors Speakers' Bureau (ISSB).

Below are the items and actions we came up with. Please feel free to contribute your top strategies, per email below.

Top solutions identified for our coalition to accomplish are:
  1. Execute a massive campaign to expose the problem of children being given to abusers with an emphasis on the $500 billion dollars that would be saved if abuse is stopped; and
  2. Submit complaints about unethical mental health professionals
Top solutions we need from our government:
  1. Federal oversight; and
  2. Stop the Federal funding which contribute to the problem
Please submit your top solutions to CPPA001@aol.com.

Training points for effective ways to approach Federal elected officials or their aides:
  • Have a team of 4 well-prepared delegation members.

  • Keep meetings to 15 minutes.

  • Wear business suits with a white Mothers of Lost Children t shirt on top.

  • One person introduces the team and frames the issue: (i.e.) "There is a systemic failure to protect children when their parents separate and divorce. When children report abuse, they are often taken from their safe mothers and placed with their identified batterers and molesters. Many protective mothers are placed on supervised visitation or no contact."

  • One person gives a synopsis of her history. (i.e.) "I left my marriage after being beaten by my husband. My daughter reported that her father also beats her. CPS and law enforcement closed the case. Her father went to family court and got custody of her by saying I alienated her. Although I'm the safe parent, I've been put on supervised visitation."

  • One person cites statistics showing how large and widespread the problem is:

    • One child every 10 minutes (over 58,000 children per year) is placed with an abuser in a national pattern and practice. Refer to www.leadershipcouncil.org.

    • Research shows that batterers who seek custody are awarded it 70% of the time. Refer to the Stop Family Violence site.

    • Less than 10% of children who report sexual abuse are protected from their perpetrators.

    • $150 million of our taxpayer dollars are currently used every year for Healthy Marriage Promotion and Responsible Fatherhood grants. One of their stated goals is to help fathers, including ex-prisoners, get jobs to pay child support. Instead, violent men are being helped to get custody and child support. Refer to Washington Post Voices

    • The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHRA) and the United Nations found that the United States is breaching the human rights of domestic violence victims. They recommend federal and state remedies. "It's a huge embarrassment for a nation which considers itself to be among the most equal in the world--and the kind of slap on the wrist the UN normally administers to nations with dismal human rights records. Refer to Channel 4 News

  • One person makes a plea: "We request Federal oversight hearings to investigate and bring attention to this grave issue which leads to injury and death to our children."

You can provide the following information if requested:
Additional good web reference sites:
A few unethical judges:


Next steps:

Please join us on in October for our trip to Washington DC for Domestic Violence month!

Meanwhile, there is much to do on a local level:
  • Approach your U.S. Senators to insist on Federal oversight hearings. Together as 'one voice,' we can ask them to be our championa

  • Approach your and local Congress members in the same manner. This is an election year; Congress members are especially responsive to our needs. They are listening. They certainly don't want us writing letters to the editor saying they support batterers and child molesters. They want letters to the editor saying how responsive they are to child safety.

  • Remind Federal officials that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the Jessica Lenahan Gonzales versus the United States decision found that the United States is committing human rights violations, and recommended multifaceted legislation at the federal and state levels to protect women and children from domestic violence, and to create effective implementation mechanisms with adequate resources. (see pdf, page 53) A few aides stated that system failures are strictly state issues. However, we've tried for a decade to reform the California family court system through changes to law and policy, yet the problem remains. Since the practice of giving children to batterers and child molesters is a pattern occurring throughout the country fueled by Federal funds, it must be addressed at the Federal level.

  • Urge your elected Federal representatives to investigate the serious breach in our child safety net; ask why our taxpayer dollars are being used to harm domestic violence child victims--rather than protect them--through the systematic failure of multiple organizations, including family courts, in multiple states.

  • Request a meeting directly with your Congress member, with a delegation of 3 or 4 people. If refused, meeting with the legislative aide instead is very important, since the aides advise their Congress members. Enter your zip code at this site to find your representative.

  • Meet the above officials with the purpose of educating them. It's important to keep the presentation short and formal. Be prepared to provide them with a one-page synopsis of your history if you wish.

We're moving forward and want to thank you for your wonderful help!
We're inspired by your courage, strength, and perseverance.

Demand that destructive judges like Judge P. McBrien be removed from family court and any position of authority over vulnerable children by participating in the JUDICIAL ACTION WATCH SOCIETY, founded by California Judge DeAnn Salcide (Ret).

Pictures from September 22, 2011, protest at the Sacramento Superior Court, addressing the abject failure of Sacramento family court to protect children in custody disputes.

Mothers at protest to remove Judge McBrien

Mothers at protest to remove Judge McBrien

Mothers at protest to remove Judge McBrien

Mothers at protest to remove Judge McBrien

September 20, 2011 at San Mateo County Bar Association and Diversity Committee reception with Chief Justice, Redwood City, CA

With Chief Justice, Sacramento Superior Court

With Chief Justice, Sacramento Superior Court

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